The breath is the energy of movement and also the atmosphere that inspires the artist. Movement is life, a life that turns itself into space and time. In Elizabeth Dorazio’s visual poetics, it is a metaphor for dream and memory. For Elizabeth, art is not just a way of representing the world, but also an affective way of being in the world. For the artist, therefore, the meaning of territory is “being inside”. Belonging to a territory is being mixed, imbricated with the things of the place. “Mysterium Esse Revelandum” is a work made of polypropylene sheets in oceanic colors, cut by hand and then sewn together with a nylon thread. They cascade freely to create a mass of transparencies that look and feel like a waterfall.
Upon a purple splash shape covering the floor, the artist loosely scattered small droplets. Chained transparent cuts, suggesting the DNA strand, and drop-shaped x-ray fragments hang from the composition. Organic and micro-aquatic structures are randomly drawn.
The work has its own lighting, which the artist constructed to emphasize transparencies and underline the game of revelations and concealments.
“I work with layers, just as a geologist works with layers. Or just like an anatomist works with layers. My layers are undone to reveal, they overlap and describe new formations. They cascade, they orbit, they dissipate. My work is born as fragments — disparate pieces that are interpenetrated, stitched, glued, broken, hung, tied, bonded or even set with hairspray. I’m interested in layers beyond mere artistic technique; for me, layers are like accumulated memories, the way history is made, or time is formed.
In the Mysterium esse Revelandum installation, I refer to the all embracing motif of the cosmos and the internal nexus between all beings in the universe. The energy emanating from the work turns waterfalls into palpable masses and create the impression of permanent energy. The background of sounds within the work sends back the always identical tone enduring in space to its original metaphysical destination. Thus, is the human being integrated to the eternal flow of time and space, supported by the infinite and able to be conceived as part of cosmic whole.
Two needs motivate me: to deconstruct and to reconstruct.”
In this work, Elizabeth plunges her expression into the adventure of water and its representation, and she exposes its germinal meaning for life on Earth and for the human being who lives on it. The artist creates a rich metaphor for liquid resources and unending lyrical unfolding. Water is not only represented to express an element of nature or a substance — it is a poetic territory where life flows and renews itself. It is also a way of defining a throbbing place, and Elizabeth Dorazio leads us inside, so that we can bathe in its waters.

Fábio Magalhães
Brazilian museologist and art critic, Statutory diretor of MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Cultural Committee Coordinator of MAM SP – Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Member of the Board of Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

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