I WENT ON A TRIP by Arlene Munro

These gorgeous biro drawings and couture collages of imaginary landscapes create a truly stimulating sense of scale. The juxtaposition of far vistas with magnified flora and fauna, evoke a sense of historic romance and intrepid exploration …creating impressions of a lush and fecund forgotten natural world held timeless between the pages of a meticulous travel journal. By design the images would serve well as a sumptuous stage design for a grand opera where narrative, action, sound and commentary could freely come into play. The drawings and collages reveal a universe of unbound Nature, in all her wonder. The scenes come to life immediately for us with the surprise of a miniature woman, the artist, investigating and exploring virgin forest. Adorning a sun hat, sometimes barefoot and with magnifying glass in hand, she seems to have stepped through some time portal. Everything is nimble and delightful about this alluring character as she climbs, tiptoes and wanders through this landscape enthusiastically. When we see our intrepid artist’s fearless spontaneity, we feel happy. We are beckoned to join in on this journey of discovery. She conveys unencumbered playful enquiry, reminding us of our original natural inquisitiveness, the impulse to be wide eyed and open to the awe and wonder of Nature around us. Through this sensitive work Elizabeth encourages us to jettison complacency and suggests there is no place, or time for myopic thought. Get up close, let us hold on to it ‘All’…this magnificent wonder.

Arlene Munro
B.A MFA The Slade – UCL

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