TOPOGRAPHIAE FLUENTES by Marie Christiane Seiferth

The combination of shapes and colours in this vivacious composition is inspired by the work of Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The numerous brightly coloured transparencies, cut into the form of waves or droplets, appear – because of the multi-dimensional composition – to be in a state of free fall, thus creating its own rhythm. The unconstrained order and multiple dimensions of this work – where just one small nail fixes each of the wave- or droplet-shaped transparencies at varying distances from one another – and through the introduction of light, create a reflection of the colours and shadows of each wave- or droplet-shaped transparency. At certain points of this work we also encounter thin lines revealing images of anatomical organic structures and forms. The rhythm and fluidity contained within this composition is also acquired through its perpetuum mobile.

Marie Christiane Seiferth

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