SCALA NATURAE by Marie Christiane Seiferth

Aristotelian thoughts on cosmic order (in which all creatures exist to a degree of perfection, corresponding to a progressive, harmoniously-ordered whole) is here once again addressed, explored and expanded in both dimensional and personal aspects. The rounded leaves bearing colors of the sky, the sea, and human skin are threaded into an arrangement with a constantly dynamic/multidimensional motif. The composition reveals itself to be a combination of shapes, colors and motifs, simultaneously preserving both depth and innovation.
The finely-traced anatomical-organic structures are scattered evenly across transparent sheets. Pieces of copper cut into the shape of droplets are suspended within the composition. Because of the way in which they are distributed, this gives a particular optical balance to the piece as a whole and, as a natural oxidizing element, is evocative of the permanent changes and transformations that all beings undergo.
The work stands as a challenge, allowing itself to engage with the organizing motif in which the underlying stream of thought plunges deeply, seeking its own position in the all-harmonious order of life.

Marie Christiane Seiferth
Researcher/ Philosophy-Theology

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