SYMPHONIAE by Fabio Magalhães

Elizabeth Dorazio’s recent works evoke a kind of permanent movement that arises from their cohesive and vibrant parts and the dynamic interactions between them. For many years, the artist has resorted to diverse forms and materials in order to articulate disquieting sets – systems of forms that interact with and influence one another, thus creating a sense of reciprocal action. They are akin to galaxies: geographical territories that span across wide spaces. In the recently developed series Symphoniae, Elizabeth articulated these forms as if they were great masses of sound (“Cosmos”) that express themselves in a harmonious and constant way. However, in works such as “Hidrae” and “Antliae”, the sets were built using various rhythms and a melodic richness, albeit without losing the balance between timbres – the euphony. In this process that edifies sound metaphors, Elizabeth also created asymmetrical scores, the richness of which whose richness arises from a lack of continuity – despite the interweaving of unique objects through a single line of unity (“Farham” or “Nena”). Note also that, by appropriating materials that were constructed by the hands of others, Elizabeth incorporates other voices into her works: voices that still sing of their memories, even if in a hushed voice.

Fabio Magalhães
Director, Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba

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