On the flat superimposed layers of acrylic, parts of an organism are presented as if they were mounted on microscope slides. The observer journeys into the interior of the organism, composed of various layered sheets of pencil drawings supported on a foam base, which to the beholder seems to bring it together as one single unit. The eye rests inside the foam base with its large pores, which because of its structure and color, resembles skin. Milky synthetic sheets are superimposed in unconnected, multidimensional layers displaying cut-out apertures. The fine pencil drawings, the details and form of this organicanatomical structure give the impression of an inner life, apart and hidden. The work preserves the artistic expression of the vitality of an organism by means of a polymorphic nature, namely, being able to deconstruct and reconstruct itself infinitely, or to reorder and allocate the layers of individual sheets in order to gain a new, detailed observation of the life inside its structure. In this ever-changing game on the keyboard of life, in the profound dimensions of an organically growing composition, Organum brings with it a mode of artistic expression.

Marie Christiane Seiferth
Researcher/Philosophy and Theology

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