VITA ORGANISMUS COSMOS by Marie Christiane Seiferth

The idea underlying the various artworks turns on the thematic complex of Life, Organism, and Cosmos.

The use of synthetic materials, combined with the flowing compositional technique of the works, stresses the essential idea that both in life as well as in nature and the cosmos, the different elements and materials are repeatedly assembled or ordered into a new, even higher whole, or can reencounter each other in a higher dimension or level of Being.

Since the beginning of her journey as an artist, Elizabeth has followed this train of ideas and the thematic complexes outlined. She continually seeks to endow them with a new level of expression employing her own creative means and using her distinctive artistic language, which she develops even further through a tireless search for new materials and textures.

Marie Christiane Seiferth
Researcher/Philosophy and Theology

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