The grandiose expression of Panta rhei is acquired through the perpetual dynamism of its motif. Transparencies with a range of colors taken from the sea, plus several different forms of water droplets are suspended throughout various layers, like falling tears or scattered raindrops within the first upper third of this composition, mounted on a background with the colors of water. The composition also consists of several transparencies in the form of puddles or amoebae, reaching up to the height of the wall as well as opening its course, apparently free of barriers, and into the surrounding space. As in the previous works, here we also encounter, albeit less, thinly etched lines that correspond to organic anatomical structures that seem to be showing us, within the deep layers of an organism, that which is often difficult or even impossible to see. This vision of that which is not visible within an organism is also provided by fragments of radiographs highlighted by their colour, inserted into the first upper third of the work. The droplets, that seem to be falling like raindrops, undergo a repeated process of deconstruction and reconstruction, an analogy of what may be encountered in Organismus polymorphus, thus lending its polymorphic features to the composition. The characteristics of perpetual dynamism and fluidity have been acquired by being mounted as a waterfall which, as it flows towards the outer space, becomes increasingly lighter and one-dimensional. As the composition progressively opens its course, flowing into the space as liquid, so the link that exists between the fragments of radiographs and the work as a whole take on a lighter aspect, appearing towards the end merely as small dots scattered throughout. The unlimited, infinite moment of fluidity of this study, the combination of dynamism, deconstruction, reconstruction, and transparency of the invisible within a new context seem to follow the idea of the eternal becoming, the being of entirety, thus finding an impressive expression.

Marie Christiane Seiferth
Researcher/Philosophy and Theology

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