OS TEMPOS E OS MARES by Marie Christiane Seiferth

With its superimposed, wave-like, non-transparent, turquoise green synthetic leaves, Time and the Seas marks the transition to a self-reflexive, conclusive phase of Elizabeth’s artistic expression.
There is a marked emphasis on the aspect of temporality, of moments of infinitude. The work consists of gently undulating layers, which as a whole seem to form the shape of a droplet.
Golden pendulums, each in its own rhythm, are fixed to the waves. A falling droplet allows us to foresee the infinitude of water through its density. The pendulums, through their very rhythms, become sensitive to the irresistibility of the world – while time remains totally personal and human. In this work, the instant of eternity and the moment of infinitude seem to set the tone and to render perceivable the temporality of life.

Marie Christiane Seiferth

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