MYSTERIUM ESSE REVELANDUM by Marie Christiane Seiferth

The aim of this installation, Mysterium esse revelandum, is to encourage people to approach the composition, with it impressive dimensions. While wandering around this artwork, visually exploring it from top to bottom, discovering all of its details, the viewer becomes entwined into a flow of thoughts about the many questions it raises.
It comprises superimposed layers of synthetic foil in a range of aquatic colors, all held together by a ceiling support from where the layers lithely tumble down, woven together in pieces, and spread across a synthetic, purple background in the form of a splattering drop onto which droplets have been splashed and small cutout points spread throughout. Within the composition of colors, the internal layers contain the deepest of those that make up the tones of water, and the layers, arranged in chains and fixed with nylon yarn, are reminiscent of a waterfall. Outside the piece are hanging transparencies in the shape of globules and droplets. Among them are fragments of radiographs cut into the form of drops of water. The viewer gains an inside view of the innermost parts of a biological organism, and thus discovers an internal, inaccessible world.
Transparent cutout shapes dangling from the various elements of the composition are, due to its very structure, suggestive of a DNA chain. In turn, within the transparencies, it’s possible to catch a sporadic glimpse of thin lines drawn in red that correspond to organic and micro-aquatic structures. The composition encourages and indeed demands an active gaze to thus both create a relationship, in an adorian sense, between the viewer and the artwork. This transforms reflection into dynamic action in which, as the work’s title promises, the mystery is revealed.. The title Mysterium esse revelandum is a reference to the Latin manner of expressing a task that has to be performed, which in Portuguese would correspond to the verb dever (to owe) or the phrase é para ser (it is to be). Therefore, the purpose of the installation is to initiate a confrontation between each of its underlying motifs and the fundamental thoughts regarding the mysteries of life and of existence itself which, according to the title, should be and are to be revealed to each and every one of us. If we consider that each individual to be the subject of her/his own story, who should seek the path that reveals the existential questions of life, then this artistic installation becomes an invitation for people to look inside themselves, providing a moment of contemplation and active reflection.

Marie Christiane Seiferth

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